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10-Jul-2017 00:24

Research indicates that she is 11 percent below normal weight.Fifteen percent below normal weight is considered anorexia."Research shows that women who set up their own beauty ideal have better body image," she says.That means finding clothes that you (not a fashion model) feel good in, wearing a hairstyle you like (so what if it hasn't been chic since the eighties), celebrating the best of what you have.Also, because the ideal is a light-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed woman in her early twenties-with European features, there is an enormous population of women—most of us, in fact—who don't conform.The widening gap between what we think we're supposed to look like and what we actually look like is a very fertile place for self-doubt and shame to grow.

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"Boring." Piro suggests that American women take a look at other standards of beauty—and that's great advice, according to Kearney-Cooke.

As women have gained more power financially, we have become a lucrative target for businesses that profit from our dissatisfaction: The more we hate our bodies, the more we spend to "fix" them.

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