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20-Dec-2017 19:35

Actor Lamman Rucker admitted to making some bad choices when he was a college basketball player, and shared how he was able to take self-control.

WBNA player Shameka Christon offered a similar story about not giving in to negative peer pressure, knowing that STDs or pregnancy would slow down her goals to play pro ball. P., a member of the R&B group J Adore, related a story of leaving a steamy embrace to go buy condoms and finding himself stuck on the staircase, part of him wanting to go back inside without protection.

As an actor we have to take responsibility about images, the lyrics, choreography.

We need integrity, a value system—not just concern for moving units.

You put the words, ‘Lamman Rucker’ or ‘Avant’ on the billboard and suddenly there’s standing room only,” Stokes says, joking that her name alone might not do the trick.

In particular, Lockett shares, Rucker’s “strong, passionate” voice helps to counter the stigma, especially in the African-American community, that AIDS is a gay disease.

And receivers need to be accountable, too; otherwise we’ll just point fingers.” Rucker might as well be describing BET’s value system, whose bottom line seems not to rest with profits but with its viewers’ lives.

“Do the lyrics affect how the community possibly views sex?

” Johnson continued, perhaps echoing a wider dialogue within the African-American community that has wrestled with what some see as an exploitative mainstream trend of promoting the denigration of women and the glamorization of violence and materialism, and which threatens to shift hip-hop away from its roots as social critique. ” responded one of the members of J Adore, adding that individuals should analyze the video or the lyrics for themselves.

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