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With this clear demarcation of the Reformer's private judgment from the Catholic's authority, it hardly serves our purpose to estimate the relative violence of Catholic and Protestant Governments during the times of the Reformation.

And yet it is well to remember that the methods of the maligned Inquisition in Spain and Italy were far less destructive of life than the religious wars of France and Germany.

And though the Church exercises that right for the most part by spiritual sanctions, she has never relinquished the right to use other means.

Before examining this latter right to physical coercion, there must be introduced the important distinction between pagans and Christians.

Instances of compulsory conversions such as have occurred at different periods of the Church's history must be ascribed to the misplaced zeal of autocratic individuals.

But the Church does claim the right to coerce her own subjects. The non-Catholic Christians of our day are, strictly speaking, her subjects; but in her legislation she treats them as if they were not her subjects.

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For our purpose it must be still further limited to the sphere of religion, and in that sense persecution means unlawful coercion or punishment for religion's sake. The growth and the continued existence of Christianity have been hindered by cultured paganism and by savage heathenism.It must also be remembered that when she did use her right to exercise physical coercion over formal apostates, that right was then universally admitted.

In October last year, our neighbour from the land of Merlion, Singapore also launched a dating app just for Muslims - Mat & Minah. At its launch, a Singapore-based news daily reported that the man behind Mat & Minah; Zuraimie Ismail, 43, director of Skimly the company that developed the app, as stating that Muslims traditionally depend on familial connections for help to find a spouse but this practice has declined due to the increasing urban diaspora.… continue reading »

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What if Hindus and Hopis, Advantins and Aztecs, Tibetan Monks and Mayans were part of one world culture - a spiritual one? Robert Heine Geldern anthropologist, has written that: "Those who believe the ancient peoples of Asia were incapable of crossing the ocean have completely lost sight of what the literary sources tell us concerning their ships and their navigation.… continue reading »

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