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They smoked cannabis, drank alcohol and later went downtown to take his mind off the break-up and to celebrate Garnier getting a new job.Garnier said he met Campbell at the Halifax Alehouse in the early hours of Sept. He said they danced and kissed before leaving the bar around a.m. There, Campbell asked Garnier if he was "into domination," he said."Obviously your trial will not take place this week, and it will not take place next week...We'll need to get back in court in order to lay out a proper plan for how to proceed." As Dutil spoke, Cooper stood up multiple times and responded: "Yes, your honour." He was told to return to court on Thursday for a status update on obtaining a new lawyer, and Dutil urged him to have new counsel by then.And I’m doing my cabaret again in January at Brassiere Zedel. I often catnap; I think that’s how I keep my energy going.

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The Canadian Forces have been attempting to clamp down on sexual misconduct in the ranks since l'Actualite and Maclean's magazines reported in April 2014 that a large number of military sexual assaults were being ignored or played down.

Gelinas-Proulx agreed to liaise with the new defence lawyer to allow for a smooth transition. Dominic Martin said outside of court that "there is nothing to be taken" from the delay.