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The route was conceptually flawed and could lead to urban sprawl. A reduction of traffic congestion afforded by an optimized design that allows for the efficient flow of traffic and easy access to otherwise inaccessible areas for the transit of products, goods and services. A reduction in road user and life-cycle costs in the form of savings in vehicle operating costs and travel time costs due to reduced travel distances created by more direct routes and increased travel speeds. The provision of a safe, efficient, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing highway for all citizens. The provision of improved access to Siparia, La Brea and Point Fortin to accommodate the anticipated economic growth as expected from governments designation of the south west region as a growth pole. Improvement of local road networks in the south west region, increasing connectivity to the main population centres such as Debe, Penal, Siparia, Fyzabad, La Brea and Point Fortin. Efficient movement of goods to/from ports within the Gulf of Paria. The highway will promote a host of downstream industries poised to stimulate the transportation industry, service contractors, and small entrepreneurs who provide food and other ancillary products.

5 | P a g e Report of Independent Review Committee ?

The HRM proposed that the Highway should be stopped at Debe with a link to Mosquito Creek and that serious consideration should be given to upgrading local roads.

NIDCO disagreed, citing various concerns as follows: ?

The western alignment was the least feasible because it traversed the Oropouche Lagoon directly and would have had significant environmental impacts and be quite costly.

The eastern alignment was also found to have significant negative environmental impacts and would have been the most expensive.

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Wayne Kublalsingh on August 03, 2012 and enunciated in other documents submitted by the HRM were, inter alia: ? According to a countervailing account given by NIDCO, in the June 2012 Report on the Debe to Mon Desir Segment Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, the State enumerated various benefits to the Highway including: ?The study noted that there were significant traffic delays on segments of the San Fernando Siparia Erin Road (S. Erin Road), the South Trunk Road, and the Southern Main Road and supported the need for a more direct route between San Fernando and Point Fortin.