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16-Dec-2017 08:18

Now that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have broken up, the speculation is rampant on who both of them will start dating next.

Alas, Nina definitely seems to like her older men, but could you guy see her with another Well, there actually were quite a few ‘shippers’ in the Vampire Diaries fandom that wished for the same thing, but I think having a young girl and her guardian hook up might have been pushing it, even for that show. We know Nina has no problem dating older stars considering the 12 year difference between her and Ian Somerhalder, but do you think she would move on from Ian with an [ex] Vampire Diaries star?

Born with a powerful mind and artistic soul, Lee Lee has stuck to her own path in her career as well as her personal life, never wavering far from the vision she had for herself when she was a child to create, and to make her mark on the world.

While other young stars partied, Lee Lee studied and read and painted.

Lee Lee Sobieski is not an actress; She is a writer, a painter, and a director who got pulled into acting for a little bit.

She is known by her peers as being sweet, grounded, and highly, highly intelligent.

A true idealist, young Lee Lee dreams of becoming a writer like or mother, or a painter like her father.

I guess 26 is kind of old to lose your virginity, but it was important to me that I remained a virgin until after I was married.

It wasn’t for any religious reasons or anything like that, but simply because, to me, my virginity was the most precious gift that I could ever give to a man, and I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man.

Age 15: First role in a major motion picture (Jungle 2 Jungle).

Age 16: Achieves wider fame with role in the asteroid blockbuster Deep Impact, where she plays Elija Wood’s girlfriend.As of Tuesday, they’ve raised ,395 of their ,800 goal on fundraising site Go Fund to cover the cost of a personal trainer or exercise specialist to work with him three hours a day and four days a week for a year.

They're the dynasties, the establishment, the families with hundreds of film and television credits to their multigenerational names, and as the Hedren-Griffith-Johnsons, Kohans, Ladds and others in THR's exclusive portfolio reveal, they're just now getting started.… continue reading »

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He also has held a shocking worldview since he was a teenager.… continue reading »

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