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Every week, Amber Rose teaches her two-year-old son a new word.This week’s word is technically not a word at all (TMZ will point this out after she’s uploaded a video of her lesson to Instagram) but it comes in handy as we try to explain to him why I am here on a Sunday afternoon—a complete stranger lounging in the palatial master bedroom of Mommy’s house in the Hollywood Hills.She has described herself, accurately, as a “bald-headed alien.”When Rose gets to talking, she gets to smoking, which leads to preaching.She still has at least one thing in common with West.Today she’s off-duty, bare-faced, and sporting an ankle-length white summer skirt with a matching crop top and bejeweled flip-flops.Without makeup, she looks even more surreal—like a character from a virtual-reality game who feeds on Swarovski crystals and male blood.She was with him as he masterminded his own redemption story on That all ended years ago, but somehow Rose has only grown more famous.And these days, she’s on a mission to prove that there are more interesting things about Amber Rose than her entombed romance with the most interesting man in culture.

She has inserted herself into today’s pop-feminist moment, showing up on Amy Schumer’s sketch show (“She’s sick, she’s dope,” Rose says, “and she’s a really good kisser”) and at the MTV Video Music Awards in a getup with the hand-painted words GOLDDIGGER and WHORE, speaking out against anyone who’s ever engaged in slut shaming.Here by the pool, she gives me the monologue: I know before you guys got in here, you had conversations with your friends, like: “Why would I go listen to Amber talk? But now that you’re here, we’re gonna really talk about slut shaming.