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Thus, even the century in which it occurred has been uncertain.

This article continues the chronology begun in the last three of this series, employing sacred calendars to pinpoint the date of the Exodus to the very day.

Events that year included smiting the rock to bring forth water when Moses forgot to give the Lord credit (Num. 1:3), and the translation of Moses at age 120 (Deut. The forty years expired almost immediately after the one-month mourning for Moses (Deut. Joshua then led the children of Israel into the promised land. The traditional methods of dating have left an uncertainty of about three centuries, from 1500 - 1200 BC. It is because researchers assign very different confidence levels to different sources.

It was done miraculously when he parted the Jordan River waters and they passed over into Canaan on the day 10 Nisan, being the first month of the 41st year of the Exodus (Josh. On that same day, all the men were circumcised (Josh. Then they kept the Passover and on the following morning the manna ceased (Josh. Before proceeding to my proposed dating method, let us briefly review the traditional methods.

Sacred patterns are then used to witness that this date is correct.

More importantly, however, those patterns testify that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah including symbolism even of his birth date.

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When Moses was 80, he went with his brother Aaron to plead with Pharaoh for the freedom of the Israelites (Ex. When Pharaoh repeatedly refused, Egypt was plagued many times by the Lord, culminating with the deaths of all the firstborn of Egypt on the night of the first Passover.

In response, the Lord then decreed that the host were condemned to spend forty years in the wilderness, one year for each day of their trip, until everyone except the two who brought a good report had died off (Num. Very little is recorded about the next 38 years (Deut.