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18-Sep-2017 12:01

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We have a casual dress code at our office (jeans are OK) but it isn’t clearly defined in a policy.

Most people wear nice jeans and tops and we typically don’t have any problems.

I accepted a new position with a wonderful agency about two months ago.

When the position was posted, there was no mention of extensive travel.

You can say, “I realized we haven’t covered the dress code yet” and then go over it with her.

(You can do this even though it’s not an official policy; there clearly is a dress code, even if only unofficially, and it’s a kindness to be explicit with her about what it is.) After that, if she violates the dress code, you can be much more direct: “Our dress code doesn’t include sweatshirts,” etc. Explaining to staff that they need to let me know if they’re out of the office I am trying to write a general instructions to my managers to let the know that if they are not able to maintain their regular schedule, it is a common courtesy to let their manager know.

As a result, this has placed a tremendous strain on our marriage.

I need to mention that the business is now a thriving business.

(And keep in mind that different workplaces have different cultural norms around this kind of thing, so don’t be annoyed that you have to spell this out for people; just be explicit about your expectations so that they don’t guess wrong.) 5.More frequently, lately I will call an office to find out that the manager will not be in until , when they should have been there at . I am looking for a general instruction that I can send to all my managers.

Some are living in their home country but having an online relationship with an Arab man living in his. If you don’t then he’s going to accuse you of talking to other men during this time. Regardless of what he does and how bad it really is, you’re eventually going to find yourself doing the apologizing. … continue reading »

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