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So Cal , Just ordered a new pair of glasses because we needed to use our FSA $ before we lost it.I'm excited about these new glasses because they are fun and colorful.Even though I wanted to so bad I was reluctant to wear them outside of the house.I continued to struggle with reading the blackboard at school but did finally get another exam and needed a stronger prescription. This went on for another couple years and in between wearings I found myself squinting heavily to see.They are both the same Rx - bumped up -1.75 from my "real" Rx.

Then came the experiments with over correction and I quickly found out I can tolerate quite a bit of minus and still see just fine.

They will be fitted with poly lenses so I hope they look okay with the crystal frames. Glasses Lover , Sarah, my actual prescription is: OD: -4.25 -0.25 109 OS: -4.75 -0.50 171 My glasses I've worn for the past couple years: OD: -5.00 -0.25 109 OS: -5.75 -0.50 171 And now..latest that I received from Firmoo a couple weeks ago are: OD: -6.50 -0.25 109 OS: -7.00 -0.50 171 1.00 read Sarah , Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15.

What's yours I wonder how much farther over I could go... Sarah , Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15.

Because you have double vision you need to go back to the person who tested your eyes and tell them about your double vision and the distortion problems with the glasses.

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In high prescriptions the only clear vision is through the center of the lenses.I'm able to tolerate this just fine and thinking about bumping my next script to: OD: -7.50 -0.25 109 OS: -8.00 -0.50 171 1.50 read What is everyone's thoughts? New Glasses Trouble , Hey, I'm back with new glasses, and these ones are not only helping me see well in the distance, but now they hell me see only one image and help me see close up.