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Meaghan's wife Sarah and Jenna's probably future wife Sumita are both at some software conference, so it's just the three of us tonight, like it used to be before the two of them were wounded by Cupid's arrow. "I have two more paintings to finish for my show, and I'm running out of time." "That's all right," I tell them, all smiles.

For what I'm doing tonight, I don't need a wing-woman.

So Fergal may not have started the place out as a Lesbian Bar, but with a name like the Pink Martini, what did he really expect to happen?

In fairness, he's been a good sport about it, hanging rainbow flags in the windows and advertising in all the right places.

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The early crowd filters out, and a steady stream of new arrivals filters in. More interesting are the ones without an obvious agenda, out for a drink and maybe open to something more.

That's where I first met Sarah - Meaghan brought her along one night, back when we all still thought she was straight. Nowadays, though, the crowd is more dudes, so definitely not my thing.

Gay guys, you know I love you, but do you have to take over every space on Cap Hill?

After a gorgeous, extended fall, the weather turned nasty in November, and it's rained pretty much every day since.

The sun finally came out this morning, and I intend to take full advantage. You may have met me reading about my friends Meaghan and Jenna and how they fell in love, and now I finally get a story of my own.You have like six different bars you can go to; we only have two, and Wildrose is really not my scene.