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action The basic building block of a macro; a self-contained instruction that can be combined with other actions to automate tasks.

This is sometimes called a command in other macro languages.

ANSI SQL query mode One of two types of SQL syntax: ANSI-89 SQL (also called Microsoft Jet SQL and ANSI SQL), which is the traditional Jet SQL syntax; and ANSI-92 SQL, which has new and different reserved words, syntax rules, and wildcard characters.

append query An action query that adds the records in a query's result set to the end of an existing table.

bound column The column in a list box, combo box, or drop-down list box that is bound to the field specified by the control's Control Source property.

bound control A control used on a form, report, or data access page to display or modify data from a table, query, or SQL statement.

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The anonymous replica is particularly useful in an Internet situation where you expect many users to download replicas.

The control's Control Source property stores the field name to which the control is bound.

bound hyperlink control A control that is used on a data access page to bind a link, an intranet address, or an Internet address to an underlying Text field.

absolute or fixed positioning Places the element relative to either the element's parent or, if there isn't one, the body.

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Values for the element's Left and Top properties are relative to the upper-left corner of the element's parent.action argument Additional information required by some macro actions.

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