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26-Aug-2017 01:42

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Got to say this: I am knocked out by your dedication HB to this site and community of traders.

You put in SO MUCH WORK both during the session, before, and after.

I can already feel that I am learning much about how to change my attitude and improve my discipline."”“Can’t begin to thank you for the amazing education as well as all the good setups you have put me in and all bad situations you have helped me avoid.

I am rarely able to watch a weekend webinar live and as a result rely on watching the taped video.

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I read the posts every day and I’m amazed with the talent in the room, their support and timely response .

In any event, you are one of my heroes in life.”“Day after day, month after month, no matter the overall condition of the market, folks can be assured the trades that HB presents and analyzes are the best and most timely the market has to offer. What's more, many of the ideas Harry presents are prescient and made available to the Tech Trader tribe often weeks before they are discussed on Cramer or mentioned in IBD.