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If there is no SD card inserted, it will not start.Do NOT push in or pull out an SD card while the Raspberry Pi is connected to the power, as this is likely to corrupt the SD card data (you might get away with it, but it is best not to).The SD card is a key part of the Raspberry Pi; it provides the initial storage for the Operating System and files.

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Even though MB-MSAGB is a bit slower than Transcend by spec samsung is as snappy regardless , or may be even snappier, could'nt tell the difference really ) man:0x00001b oem:0x534d name:00000 hwrev:0x1 fwrev:0x0 Tested on Pi 2 Model B with Raspbian (Release date:2015-02-16 kernel 3.18) sd-card image.

The Raspberry Pi B and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (second generation) require the smallest one, the Micro SD. If you don't buy a preinstalled card, you will have to create one yourself.

Check the SD Card setup page to help you make this decision.

One advantage to using an SD card like this is that you can have several SD cards, each with a different operating system, or a different purpose.

Simply power off, switch cards, and reconnect the power. Please bear in mind that the maximum throughput of the card reader of the Raspberry Pi is 25 MB/s and that most likely read and write speed won't exceed 22 MB/s.The SD Card Association suggests there are more than 400 brands across dozens of product categories and more than 8,000 models. Unfortunately there is little scope for analysis of the failures given below. You will notice that the same card may be shown as working and not working; the model numbers on cards do seem to be confusing. You can also attach the following fields from your card's CID: The table can be sorted using the triangles in the top row.

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