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04-Oct-2017 15:03

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A lot of pros are a little bit more nervous about fighting guys who could do it all , guys like Johnson, Hagler. Marty Marshall broke his jaw in one of his early fights and Sonny went on to complete the fight but lose on points, his first defeat. As for intimidating fighters, I agree that Bob Foster should be in the top 10, and Sam Langford and Stan Ketchel would have been very intimidating too I remember Foreman saying this on Champions Forever. I think he was just trying to reinvent his image as Foreman II.… continue reading »

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Over 20 scholars across higher education institutions in Hong Kong have signed a petition objecting to the amendment of the legislature’s procedural rules, saying that it would weaken the Legislative Council’s powers...… continue reading »

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vi kan träffas snarast eller prata lite först via chat om du vill, släng iväg ett meddelande till mig..… continue reading »

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“People were like, ‘Oh, Anne, you Wall Street girl.’ ” (Neither Brin nor Wojcicki responded to questions from )In Brin, Wojcicki found another child of baby-boomer academics who could see beyond academia’s cautious, elitist approach to discovering new knowledge, a slow process in which researchers propose a hypothesis, organize an experiment to collect data, submit findings to peer review, and finally, many months later, gain publication in an esoteric journal.… continue reading »

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