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17-Nov-2017 10:27

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liquidating a company to avoid tax

The Internet was much less endeared when they found out that the whole thing had been put together by Comedy Central, and some very talented animal trainers, to generate press for a show called “Nathan for You.” The video was huge — it was featured on Time, Huffington Post, Yahoo!

News, Gawker, ABC News, and many other major outlets.

You Tube videos detailing surprising science-y things can do really well (I especially like Smarter Every Day).

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Let’s take a look at a few that caught a lot of people.

Love it or hate it, twerking has had a fascinating effect on pop culture over the past couple years.

You Tube is full of home-twerking videos, but none got as many views as one that shows a woman twerking upside down against a door when her roommate enters, knocking her onto a coffee table and setting her on fire.

He told the The heroic pig certainly isn’t the only animal that’s gone viral. In the video below, you’ll see a golden eagle drop from the sky and attempt to nab a baby—the eagle tries to pick it up and fly away, but drops it shortly after.

Considering that golden eagles can have 7-foot wingspans and have been known to kill grey wolves, this isn’t quite as far-fetched as it sounds.Fortunately, this harrowing incident was a fake; the whole thing had been created as a part of a project for a simulation workshop at the National Animation and Design Centre in Montreal.

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