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13-Aug-2017 09:29

Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. My choice: My husband and I have been married for a year and have a new baby.We were talking about abortion in the context of news this week when my husband casually asked me if I had ever had an abortion. The thing is, I have had two abortions, both when I was a teenager.

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I heard all of this over the years but didn’t see Adam again until my dad’s wedding (marriage No. It is crazy, scary, and utterly wonderful—we are inching our way into a real relationship.jokes, but more than one of them are uncomfortable with the relationship.I know Adam is afraid that us as a couple might destroy his relationship with my dad (his biological father is a no-show). I have never felt this synched with a guy before or been so eager to hear about someone’s else day. , and things worked out pretty well for Cher and Josh.She questioned my judgment, saying I should have gotten out and put a towel around before letting Lola in. We are both girls; it wasn’t like my boyfriend and I were having sex and got caught.

I asked if she was kidding, and it made the situation worse. I always thought my boyfriend’s sister was a bit rigid, but this feels ridiculous.

His 8-year-old niece “Lola” knocked on the door and asked if she could use the toilet since the other was being used.