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06-Nov-2017 07:57

If you really can’t wait it’s best to hold out until after the main course.

Going to the toilet during your wedding is also a no, and especially during the father of the bride’s speech at a wedding.

The first is “alfresco”, but only in the countryside, behind a barn.

Another is in the sea, and perhaps talking at the same time as a distraction. Apparently “it happens”, and peeing a tiny bit from too much laughter is “cute”.

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redating the sphinx

Self-consciousness has a way of making you more aware of others who might share your trait.

Your self-consciousness about your slightly wrinkled blouse is entirely in your own head.

Other people — even people who might notice the wrinkles — don’t care about it as much as you do. When you’re so self-conscious, so obsessed with how you’re perceived that it affects how you think and act.

If you left the house in a rush and didn’t have time to iron, you’re more likely to notice other’s wrinkles.

When I was young and self-conscious about the size and shape of my head, I picked up on things other people did to try to conceal their own heads.

But, people only really start to care when they start believing and acting like everyone already cares. Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events.