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23-Aug-2017 15:13

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If you friend someone on Facebook before you go out on a date, the natural reaction each of you will have is to find out more about them by snooping through their timeline and photos.Based on what you see, you will form either a positive or negative first impression about that person before you even meet, which could kill the vibe of the date before you even go out.

It creates awkwardness, removes the mystique of exposing information at a natural pace, and exposes old photos you don’t care to share.No and a big no, You have no right to dive into some ones personal life at all, Mystery is what makes dating fun plus if you facebook them then assumptions can be made that are not true, Make them earn facebook!!The dance floor at the Saturday Night Singles event at the West View VFW is crowded with people on Saturday, February 23, 2013.I say, hold off on the Facebook friend request until you know that you’re on the same digital page.

Although your request may be in the spirit of being social media friendly and you’re super-excited about your date, it’s a boundary issue that singles may not agree on.Let’s address this question by using an analogy everyone can appreciate. Facebook friending someone prematurely, however, can send the wrong message.

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