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28-Dec-2017 08:24

In November, Kirkwood introduced the ex-husband of Zainab Masood, Yusef Khan.

Leah finally gets an explanation for Zac's dodgy behaviour this week, as he reveals that the mystery woman he's been meeting up with is an editor who's helping him to prepare his first book. When it's revealed that Zac has been confiding in newcomer Sam about his marriage problems, Leah still isn't pleased - especially when she notices how much this supposedly professional editor is flirting with Zac.Taking his own current troubles out on a defenceless Kasim, Aaron viciously attacks him and ends up getting himself arrested. After a couple of weeks away to clear his head (and become ten times more murderous, no doubt), Cameron is back in the village and he has some unfinished business to take care of.Crikey - maybe Ross Barton can give him some tips on getting away with mindless violence? Getting reacquainted with his teenage daughter Peri is Cameron's first priority, convincing her that he just wants to make peace with her mum Leela and get their relationship back on track.Phelan and Eileen have arranged to get married in a secret and low-key ceremony, not wanting to flaunt their happiness so soon after last year's property scam.

(We're not sure why they're so concerned, though - everyone seemed to forget about being conned after a week!So no affair, no infidelity and no betrayal - makes a change for Summer Bay! With Sam's behaviour clearly less than appropriate, should Leah still be worried about losing her husband?