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What can be done to change people’s perception of raptors as evil or dangerous?

How can we promote understanding of raptors’ role in ecosystems?

Philippine eagles inhabit tropical rain forests and are well-adapted to life in dense foliage.

Despite their great size, they have short, broad wings and a squared-off tail that allows them to rise almost vertically between trees and maneuver with speed and agility through branches and vines.

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Tropical forest raptors like the Philippine eagle have been greatly impacted by habitat destruction.

Reduced territory size, declining numbers of prey animals, and disappearance of large nesting trees all have contributed to the eagle’s decline.

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Once firearms became widely available in the Philippines after World War I, the number of eagles killed for sport sky-rocketed.

Collectors stole young eagles from nests for sale to the highest bidder.

Hunting of and trade in the Philippine eagle are now prohibited.

They have a very low reproduction rate, laying just one or two eggs each year. Historically, raptors have been persecuted simply because of their predatory nature.

Humans kill them to protect domestic animals, or to eliminate competition for a sought-after prey species.

The greatest threat to its survival remains the continued loss of its habitat.

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