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03-Dec-2017 14:18

Pierra told The Standard that she has been dating the father of the unborn baby for four years now, and that their relationship is at an “advanced stage”.

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I recall one time Kageshi was upset by a rogue music video clip that happened to play on the TV screen that had chaps well-dressed but on the other hand, their female counterparts hardly covering .

To that extent who would be accused of objectifying ladies? The very same ladies who lecture us on social media about how they should not be viewed as sex objects are the same that dash out on a Friday evening for a night of reveling, and in the process making it our business to familiarise with every scar on their upper leg or where their stretch marks start and fade.

Vaunt your body in your digs but don’t parade it out there for every lad to analyse and draw imageries over his defeated mind. 1 Timothy 2:9 the Bible reads; I remember at one time, my day job boss allocated me some task on bookkeeping for one particular restaurant.

Incidentally, I came to realise save for the MD who was an intimidating, bald headed mid-forties chap, the rest of the Management including the Operations Manager, H. Manager, dropping down to the lower levels of Assistant Accountant, MD’s personal assistant and the receptionist were all females.

If you haven’t grasped the weight of this award, then here’s a picture for your imagination to savour.

If you were an actor, you would be thrilled to receive an Academy Award.

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Pierra mentioned that she has by no means dated Mbaru and would by no means date him now not even at gun point.Like the whole idea of being drooled at by poor men could be, lifts her moods in the morning or scares away Monday blues. I know at times you get stuck in traffic and sneak your eyes to the car interiors of motorists on the parallel lanes.