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For example: Elaeidobius kamerunicus, a weevil introduced into South East Asia in the 1970’s eliminated the need for costly and inefficient hand pollinating, resulting in a sharp increase in oil yields Owls are encouraged for rodent control Leaving less competitive species of weeds provides a habitat for predators of insect pests and helps to prevent soil erosion.

Weed management“Paraquat has always given good value, with fast and effective weed control, especially of difficult weeds like ferns, woody shrubs and volunteer oil palm seedlings, even in the rainy season.

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The mission is perilous enough anyway but are the Germans on the island getting further help too? There are characters in the supporting cast named Grogan, Weaver, Barnsby and Baker - all names that turn up attached to quite different characters in other, unrelated films scripted by Carl Foreman.

Noxious weeds include the perennial grass Imperata cylindrica, and the creeping broad-leaved weed Mikania micrantha which aggressively compete with the crop for nutrients and moisture.

Other noxious weeds affect spray operations, fertilizer application and harvesting because of the presence of thorns (Mimosa spp.) or dense coverage (Asystasia spp., Ischaemum spp., Pennisetum spp. The ferns Dicranopteris linearis, Lygodium flexuosum and Stenochloena palastris are found in mature shaded areas obstructing harvest.

Tropical climates with ample sunshine, heat and moisture mean that weeds thrive and may compete with crops for space, water and nutrients, and shade the crop plants, especially when they are young.

A large number of annual and perennial weeds infest oil palm plantations.

Paraquat is specifically recommended for managing ferns.