Powershell disable automatic updating of email addresses

02-Oct-2017 01:03

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If you decide to override the You can use the Set-Cs Online Dial In Conferencing Tenant Settings cmdlet to manage other settings for your organization, including email.

When you disable sending emails to users, email won't be sent even when a user gets assigned a license.

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To make changes to the email address that is sending the email to the users, you must: Note If you want to change the email address information, you need to make sure that the inbound email policies of your environment allow emails that come from the custom specified from address.The script requires one numeric parameter for Notification Level: 1 – Never check for updates 2 – Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them 3 – Download updates but let me choose whether to install them 4 – Install updates automatically In my case, to enforce a download window of to am, I set the Notification Level to 4 at am, then back to 2 at am.

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