Quotes on dating a married man

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The cycle of the love affair with a married man almost always ends in broken hearts, hurt, and wasted time.Sure you have those once in a million times where the man actually leaves his wife for another, but for the most part, it is a script for adultery disaster.That's why affairs, and extra-marital sex, are often referred to as "a moment of weakness.” ― Oliver Markus, tags: affair, affairs, cheating, cheating-and-desire, cheating-boyfriend, cheating-husbands, cheating-in-relationships, cheating-spouse, extramarital-affair, monogamous, monogamy, relationship, relationship-advice, relationship-quotes, relationships, sexual-desire, sexual-tension, sexy “He spent the next weeks blocking scenes of the bureaucrat fucking his wife. He imagined her making noises she never made for him and feeling pleasures he could never provide because the bureaucrat was a man, and he was not a man. And when she sucks his penis, because she must, what is he doing? Like leaves blown on the wind, pell-mell, they pass before him.A fair field full of folk: hundreds of lives all tangled with his.By Melanie, by the girl in Touws River; by Rosalind, Bev Shaw, Soraya: by each of them he was enriched, and by the others too, even the least of them, even the failures.Like a flower blooming in his breast, his heart floods with thankfulness.” ― J. Coetzee, “Police internal affairs are in the business of protecting corrupt and incompetent police officers from prosecution due to the extensive range of laws that they have blatantly broken.” ― Steven Magee “I’m not going to deny that I want to fuck you.Enriched: that was the word the newspapers picked on to jeer at.

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They are clever liars to fathers and husbands; yet they never hold their tongues too long, nor keep ardent typing fingers still.” ― Roman Payne, tags: 666, affairs, attraction, breakup, fact, fake-friends, forever, humor, inclination, infatuation, love, love-affair, man, men, michael-bassey-johnson, relationship, sacrifice, serious-love, six-six-six, truth “And I ask myself what it is about me that makes this wonderful, beautiful woman return. We have all been tempted to stray at some point or another.In fact, it often brings on nothing but pain and heartache.

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