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Aspects of popular culture including music, information technology, tourism, and film, video, and museum-spectacles in light of anthropological theory.Prereq: jr st; grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score of 637 or higher on EPT.History of the museum idea and its contemporary forms; educational, scientific, and changing uses of museums; museums and other institutions; museum professionalism and ethics. Administration and organizational problems in modern museums; finances and budgets; legal-administrative problems; relations with support groups and volunteers, record keeping, management of museum projects.Prereq: grad st; cons instr; grade of B or better in Anthro 720(P).0 equipment fee Archaeological Field School Flyer An Anthropology faculty member must agree to sponsor your Independent Study.

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Jean Hudson Dates: August 2-23, 2017 Location: Huanchaco, Peru (near Trujillo) Satisfies: Anthro Major Research & Methods Prerequisites: none Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 Search Peru at https://uwmilwaukee.Anthro 567: Archaeological Field School, 6 credits Instructor: Prof.

Evolution, adaptation, and distribution of living primates, including humans, comparative primate adaptations and skeletal anatomy. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 301(P) or cons instr; grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score level 4 on EPT. Roles of hormones in evolution and expression of animal behaviors, particularly aggression, stress, mating, parenting, and cognition; emphasis on humans. Prereq: jr st; intro course in physical anthro, bio sci, or psych. Combination of ethnographic methods with archaeological research questions to achieve a better understanding of material culture. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 102(P) or 103(P) or cons instr.

Evolutionary theory and its application to the primate fossil record. Morphological and functional examination of the skeletal system. Evolutionary principles influencing human populations. Anthropological theories of human brain evolution, and its role in complex human cultural traits, including sociality, language, tool manufacture, cogntion, and emotion. Nature of and relationship between power and ideology in past societies; theoretical perspectives and methods used by archaeologists to study power and ideology. Social/political ramifications of the study, interpretation, presentation, conservation of the archaeological past; institutions/stakeholders involved in those processes: museums, scholars, ethnic groups, the public. Prereq: jr st; Anthro 102(P) or 103(P) or cons instr.

Archaeological evidence for the origin and maintenance of violence and warfare in prehistory.

How archaeological inquiry is affected by current politics, ethics, and morality. Old World cultural development focusing on prehistoric Europe from the Paleolithic to the Roman period; European developments compared to other parts of the Old World. Cultural developments in selected areas of Old and New Worlds; emphasis on origins of plant and animal domestication, sedentary life, and transition to urban civilization. Main pre-Columbian cultures on the North American continent, north of Mexico.AIS 311 & Anthro 311 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Description and analysis of selected indigenous American cultures including subsistence, sociopolitical organizations, beliefs and Euro-American Indian policy.