Ranking calculation encountered an error while updating the index

05-Nov-2017 02:00

ranking calculation encountered an error while updating the index-79

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To configure RE Loader to compare the increment value against a specified maximum: RE Loader performance might be improved by increasing the number of account balance, bill item, and journal updates performed before committing the transaction.

You can modify the preupdate batch size and update batch size in the , the stored procedure commits the transaction after every five updates.

This extra step helps you discover configuration errors when testing your system in a development environment.

In production systems, however, you should turn off index verification to improve database loading performance.

When configured to verify indexes, RE Loader performs the following before it runs the SQL Loader utility: When configured to skip verification, RE Loader automatically runs the SQL Loader utility to load events into the database.

When the indexes are incorrect, SQL Loader fails and RE Loader logs only that the database load utility encountered an error.

process creates a new log file for each input file so that log files from a previous process are not overwritten.

The log files and the temporary files created during preprocessing incorporate the name of the input file in their file names, making it easier to debug if an error occurs.

ranking calculation encountered an error while updating the index-15

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You can then manually compare the data file entries to the control file.For an overview on how RE Loader works, see "Understanding Rated Event Loader".For information about configuring RE Loader, see "Configuring Rated Event Loader".To catch these situations, you can configure RE Loader to check the database increment value against a specified maximum before it reserves a group of POIDs.

When the increment value exceeds the specified maximum, RE Loader exits and logs an error message, notifying your database administrator to manually reset the increment value.

If this occurs, check the status column in the BATCH_T table in the BRM database for the status of the REL process.

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