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09-Jul-2017 06:12

However, if you need them for a crumb coating or for another recipe use, they should be fine. The box or two we’ve tried has been good, but I can almost always beat Aldi’s cereal prices by watching sales and using coupons at another store. In fact, it’s better than the produce at other grocery stores, and it’s usually way cheaper.

If this is not the case in your area, you might want to give Aldi’s cereal a try. I buy spinach, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, zucchini, tomatoes (these do vary week to week…if they look bad I don’t buy them), pineapple, cucumbers, berries, melons, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, oranges, grapes, grapefruit (the grapefruit are SO good! Aldi’s produce is not all organic, but it is often seasonal.

An ordinary guy is going to wonder about whether you mean he can use them at any time, and whether or not you’re secretly expecting something in return.

A lawyer is going to experience the same hassle, plus the annoyance of trying to figure out exactly what your coupons mean.

He’s going to need some booze in him anyway if he’s going to continue being in a relationship with a saggy, shapeless woman.

Patrón XO Cafe is a good choice if he likes coffee.

You have to be promise to not be crabby with me if you find you dislike a product I like, though. Happily, when you shop at Aldi you can buy with confidence because anything you buy at Aldi is double guaranteed.

This means you can take back any product, get your money refunded, and get a replacement product with no hassle.

It’s a good gift if you think it’ll lead her to her dieting and working out more, but odds are that she won’t improve herself.You might like something that I hated, and vice versa.

Day(s): Monday through Friday, year-round Time: Meals served at a.m. Seniors enjoy bingo, billiards, cards and crafts, as well as a nutritious lunch served weekdays at a.m. weekdays to make meal reservations at least 24 hours in advance.… continue reading »

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In the monogamous marriage system of the past, the majority of men and women found mates and got married.… continue reading »

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“The researchers realize that their results can be depressing, but they also agree with the many readers who caution against reading too much into the preferences of online daters and speed daters. I married a black man, who I am now (17 years later) divorcing, but the point is that I think the world is FULL of potential, why limit yourself?… continue reading »

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