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Sadly, she soon gets a call that he has died, and grieves that he has died while she was falling for him, and that she never got to say goodbye.She asks Katherine why people bother getting attached when death is inevitable, a sentiment she expressed to Lloyd earlier; Katherine points out all the good things that happened because of Carol taking chances and risks; she led a full life, and still has good times to look forward to.

Though Lloyd initially offends her by implying that she seemed dead, the two begin an unlikely friendship after Lloyd asks to meet with her as friends.

The next morning, Carol gets a visit from Lloyd, who tells her that he quit his job, though he did get a job as a pool cleaner at another business. Bill wants to see Carol again, but she tells him that she has to spend time with Katherine; he says that he'd like to meet her daughter someday, and Carol agrees. Katherine arrives, and notes that Carol is different, in a good way: she seems more open, positive, and thoughtful.