Rowupdating object sender gridviewupdateeventargs

10-Sep-2017 16:14

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This collection only requires the row index no and it will give us the primary key.

New Values only apply to native bound gridview controls.If you don't use one of the Data Source controls, you are required to handle the Row Updating event. I confirmed this using Reflector: protected virtual void On Row Updating(Grid View Update Event Args e) { bool flag1 = base. By Default, Grid View control displays Item Template which directly shows the Product Name and Unit Price columns but when user clicks Edit button Grid View automatically switches to Edit Item Template and display the control available inside Edit Item Template for user editing.

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Now I will show you the C# code behind file of the above ASP.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create an editable Grid View control for administrators to modify database records directly into the Grid View control.