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Older RPPS may also display a silver sheen in the darker areas when viewed at an angle due to the silver used in the early photographic process.Collectors may find PPCs at home in boxes, attics, or scrapbooks, generate their own on trips and vacations, and acquire them from stores, fleamarkets, purchasing on the Internet, or other collectors. Ruskin stayed at La Calcina, Venice, from 13 February to . A small 10x magnifier (which folds up, and can be kept with you while visiting fairs, antique shops etc) can be bought from any good stamp accessories supplier or camera shop (a couple of examples of magnifiers are shown below).This card was posted in 1926 but it is a much earlier Chromolithograph overprinted with a Christmas(? "At 11 I went out in gondola to the Caterina to meet Mr Arbib & see Mme Emetaz who is going to open for him an Anglo Italian Pension It is the place (rebuilt now) where Ruskin used to stay when he came to Venice to write his Stones of Venice. A Real Photo postcard can either have a glossy or matt surface.

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Photogravure is a method whereby a photographic image is etched onto a copper plate and printed from that.

Under magnification they appear as very fine dots (much finer than screen printed, shown above right).

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