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She had, he pronounced, committed the “ultimate betrayal.” At age 28, she was looking at spending much of her life behind bars. Murphy now lives with her new love, art dealer Kevin Pieropan, in their Monarch Beach home, and spends her days at the airy Laguna Beach gallery they own, surrounded by fine art.

In her free time, she plays golf, goes boating and, yes, surfs.

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Convicted of murder in 2000 and branded as Las Vegas’ most notorious femme fatale, she has resurfaced a decade later as the happily married owner of a Laguna Beach art gallery. When she was an inmate at the Florence Mc Clure Women’s Correctional Center northeast of Las Vegas, Sandy Murphy used to dream about living near the Pacific Ocean and surfing every day.

Binion, whose father, Benny, built Las Vegas’ famed Horseshoe Club in the 1950s, soon moved her into his 8,500-square-foot home with imported white marble floors and a 1,000-square-foot master bedroom.

Binion had hired Tabish to haul sand from his property outside Las Vegas, and Tabish became a regular visitor at Palomino Lane.“When you’re truly faced with serious adversity—at least the kind I was faced with—you come to a point where you’re either going to lie down and die, or you’re just going to stand up and fight like a soldier.” And now, 10 years after her conviction, Murphy is only a few legal steps from achieving what she yearns for more than anything else—complete vindication.Murohy’s upbringing does not foreshadow the tumult of her adult life.“We’re not casino owners and this isn’t a 24-hour town,” she says.

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“It’s just a totally different life.” Murphy, now 38, has a girlish, perky side, which she reveals in her breathless, unguarded way of speaking, her vocabulary laced with words such as “gnarly” and “heavy.” She likes to use euphemisms—“vacation” for her incarceration, and “hiccup” for the murder case against her—and at one point even describes Binion as “the love of my life.” She still has the wholesome, girl-next-door looks that made her stand out at Downey High School—honey-colored eyes, arched eyebrows, and high cheekbones.What happened to Murphy in Nevada is classic Vegas noir: Young Murphy lost her money—at least ,000 in savings—at the casinos.