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But over the years it has been that pinched feeling between the shoulder blades and lower back that is always the killer. Motrin helps a bit and that’s about all I’ve ever done to deal with it other than going to the nearest L. So since my girlfriend knows the limits I push myself through, for the last few weeks she’s been urging me to visit a massage place nearby and get a massage to deal with my muscle aches from so much typing. My maid had mentioned about a month ago that she once worked at a massage place.But I still have the heebie-jeebies about the whole thing. not too bad considering my Mom gets a massage at a resort once a month and pays about including gratuity back in the US. But I’d gotten distracted with her story of how the manager was always chasing her around the table and forgotten all about it.The US Notice to Mariners corrects NGA and NOS charts using information collected from many sources, among them the Local Notice to Mariners published by the nine US Coast Guard Districts.publications, separated into five regional Volumes, contain a summary of Notice to Mariners corrections issued from the edition date of each chart or publication product up to the "Corrected through NTM" number of the Volume.

Tylenol helps with the eye-strain headache if necessary and Melatonin makes sure I fall into an intense, deep sleep (safely). But here in the Philippines I’ve yet to find a sauna or hot-tub locally. there are more massage places here than you could shake a stick at.

Especially knowing that some, not all, but some of the massage places even she told me are fronts for “extra-special, happy-ending” massage to be done at a later time or place. (I had to have them explain to me what a ‘dry’ massage is. Then the three ladies behind the counter began flooding me with info about Oil Massages, Thai Massage (but I’m not Thai.. ), Swedish Massage (sounds painful, I imagine a huge blonde woman with thick fingers) and a couple other massages that involved river rocks, glass jars and candles. I took one of their cards and told them I’d have to think about it first. I get along with her fairly well since she’s an amiable, but respectful person.

Now, I’m not a prude and I’ve been in some extremely sketchy places, it’s not that. Meanwhile my girlfriend gets unlimited massage with her gym membership and her Helper at home also knows how to give massage. Sometimes twice a day if she’s been out driving a lot. We usually have conversation while she’s cleaning my studio.

How could rubbing someone do anything to help with sore muscles?

It just didn’t make sense to me any more than someone saying that if you put an onion in your hat it will cure baldness. After a few months of getting situated and checking out the local scene I had to begin getting back to work doing my online ventures.Even as far back as high school I’ve always had this neurosis about strangers touching me.

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