Schwarzenegger signs bill mandating restroom use

28-Jun-2017 14:31

12-5-17: Q&A: disclose SKHROEZ; disclosure SKHROER; on that OLGTS; issues AURBZ; not that I recall TPHAEURL; handed HAPBTD; exhibit KPEUBT; Exhibit KP*EUBT; Exhibit Number KPEUB; that these THARPG; that those THAFBL; discover SKO*FR; discovery SKO*EFR; first page TPEURPBLG; second page SPEPBLG; third page THEURPBLG; talk about TAUB; talked about TAUBD; talks about TAUBZ; talking about TAUG; do you see TKAOUZ; it looks THRAOBGS; it looked THRAOBGD; where to TWRO; Realtor RAO*ERLT; when did you WH*U; look at THRAO; look at the THRAOT; look at this THRAOTSDZ; looking at this THRAOGTSDZ; appraise PRAEF; appraisal PRAEUFL.Lit: years ago KWRAOERGZ; Syria SA*ER; Syrian SA*ERPB; annex TPHAEBGS; annexed TPHAEBGD; disposed STKPOESD; privileges PR*EUFZ; Roman #ROEPL; take over TA*EUFR; took over TAO*FR; perils PAEURLZ; increase KRES; increasing KREFG; holy HOL; Judaism SKWRAOUFPL; purity PAOURT; could never KAO*FRPB; contribution KR-BZ; shekel SHEBLG; alter ARLT; altar A*RLT; temple T*EFRPL; treasure TRER; treasury TR*ER; orphan OEFRPB.

schwarzenegger signs bill mandating restroom use-84

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Lit: I must *EUPLS; I must not #*EUPLS; advance SRAPBS; advanced SRA*PBS; farmer TPAERPL; firearm TPRARPL; forearm TPRA*RPL; necessity TPHE; end up PEPBD; ended up PEPBTD; penned PEPB/-D; assort SAORT; assortment SAORPLT; poultry POURLT; Salem SHR*EPL; solemn SHREPL; important PORPBT; importance PORPBS; bulk PWHRUBG; index TKEBGS; proprietor PROEURPT; proprietary PRO*EURPT; furnish TPURPB; constructed SKRUBGTD; complexion KPHREBGZ; by a PWAE; shingles SHEUPBLZ; garden TKPWARPBD; product PRUBGT; productive PR*UFBGT; theology THAOELG; theological THAO*ELG; borrow PWROE; spirit SPAOERT; spiritual SPAOERLT; parlor PAO*RL; poorly PAORL.12-6-17: Q&A: medical PH-L; evaluate SRAELT; evaluator SRAERLT; admonition TKPHAOPBGS; issued AURBD; followed TPO*LD; report RORT; ; is that correct STHARBG; review R*FR; acting AGT or A*BGT; chiropractor KAOEURBG; chiropractic KAOEURBGT; did you review TK*UFRP; in preparation TPHR-PGS; confined KWAOEUPBD; with regard to WRARD; any of TPHEUF; any of the TPHEUFT; I did EURPLS; in your opinion TPHURP; error R*ER; calculate KHRAEUT; calculations KHRAEUGSZ; caught up KAUPT; measure PHER; measurement PHERPLT; degrees TKPWRAOEZ; clerk KHRERBG; clerical KHRERBLG; impair KPWAEUR; impairment KPWAEURPLT; reduced RAOUSD.

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