Scriptures for teenage dating dating sites foreign men

09-Sep-2017 22:20

So-called sexual freedom is flaunted as the norm among teenagers and adults and often those are ridiculed who expect and encourage young people to remain virgins until marriage.God's law is plain: God, our Creator, knows our needs and what is best for us, his creation. Behind each negative Bible command are two positive principles.Can you imagine a ball game without rules, where everyone does just what they want to do?We have one basic rule from God with reference to sexual activity.The values and moral standards which were endorsed by most Americans in years past are now ridiculed and/or ignored by many.Teaching on sexual purity before and after marriage is no longer held before young people as a law of God nor even an ideal goal to strive for.Birth control methods are sometimes unreliable, and the high rate of failure for condoms is not understood among many teens.

Now, of course, the "safe sex" campaign across our country fools many into a false peace of mind.

That is, "Wait until marriage." Look at God's design and plan for our happiness.