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As an adult, I will no longer be shopping in your store.''I have shopped regularly at Victoria's Secret for a decade and will no longer be supporting your business,' she wrote.

'It's a shame because I love your product, but I cannot support a company that seeks to sexualize children.'Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer said at a conference recently: 'When somebody's 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be?

Lovely pussy,keep the hair-it's not too hairy.

Don't have a boob job as they are great,and I could suck those lovely nipples for hours. XXXXX god i hope this is a dorm room and not some little girl's room in mom and dad's house.

There was an incredulous amount of hype prior to airing surrounding the live appearance of Justin Timberlake.

The man has reinvented himself as a sex god and must be one of the hottest acts this year.

I stand in awe and admiration for the designers, producers, choreographers, and of course the models themselves.

It blows my mind how they can put together something so glamorous and sexy without having to include that bitter aftertaste of guilt and knowing that you've done something sinful.

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What a genius incentive to get the girls to tune in and a reward for the loyal wives and girlfriends forced to watch the show by their drooling other halves.Perhaps it's due to the departure of Tyra Banks, a modelling veteran whose spirit and sass nobody can replace.Nevertheless, the fresh new faces truly outdone themselves and put up a great show.Another feature had Jessica wearing an "Angel Cam" to show what life was really like behind the scenes during a PINK promotion and a commercial shoot.

It was quite amusing to watch all the frenzy and madness backstage as models hurry to change outfits and the producer warning the cameramen to back off.

'You are selling out a generation of young women to make a buck with your "Bright Young Things" line.