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I got my already programmed blank ATM card to withdraw a maximum of ,000 daily for 30 days.I am so happy about this because i got mine last week and I have used it to get ,000. We knew all of this, and yet few of us slowed down. It is telling that The Blaze was the first to point out O’Keefe’s context-stripping editing and that its report came out two days after O’Keefe’s video release.(And, yes, we at CJR should have been doing just as The Blaze did, searching for the discrepancies they found.) It’s telling because, as The Blaze showed, it takes time to vet a source.Folkenflik reviewed the two tapes himself, along with some NPR colleagues and outsiders like The Blaze’s editor-in-chief Scott Baker and Poynter’s Al Tompkins.They home in on many of the same problems The Blaze pointed out.

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Note too that O’Keefe is a political point-scorer, and here he is scoring from a soft-target.Project Veritas’ You Tube channel displayed four “undercover” videos released in October 2016.

However, it covered every city we looked at, even places that were denying clients because the area had had too many claims.… continue reading »

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