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14-Oct-2017 20:06

This is a comparative study which compares the use of internet of the UAE and Omani women.The study conducted between 2007- 2008 and it’s a descriptive study that aims to describe and investigate the way that Arab women use the internet in two countries (the UAE and Oman).The study has shown that both women are using internet every day between 1-4 hours daily.Both women use internet for different reasons such as sending and receiving e-mails, to find some information, to read newspaper, to chat with friends, and to learn some skills.

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For Arab societies, Gulf Arab countries score higher in the use of the Internet.

This new means of communications and knowledge prompted researchers to study it and determine the profiles of its users and their trends, especially women, after international studies have already shown that women constitute a growing majority of the users of the web.

A report published by E-Marketing in 1999, showed that women constitute 46% of Internet users in the United States.

There is also a lack in studies that cover the issues of women and technology, including the use of the Internet.

2- The results and conclusions of the study and the facts that would help in understanding the use of the Internet by an important segment of the Arab Society, i.e. 3- This study would open new horizons for scientific research in the Arab society and the differences and similarities in women’s use of the Internet in the Arab World.

1- Woman’s use of the internet reduced the time allocated for watching television as a means of communication.

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