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However, Do D scientists who studied Pyridostigmine and nerve agent Sarin concluded that PB should only be used when the threat is nerve agent Soman; Pyridostigmine pre-treatment unfortunately makes individuals MORE vulnerable to Sarin.

- Chlorine Gas and chlorine-bearing Mustard gas were feared in Europe in World War I, and they are still currently in the chemical-warfare arsenal of many countries. drinking water today for the sole purpose of killing something, while natural water oxygenation treatments as used in Europe are much more safe for human consumption.

"Because of these findings, a test was made of Antigo, Wisconsin water which had been fluoridated for 33 years.

The water was examined by a certified Wisconsin laboratory, and showed that when it was used in cooking in aluminum cookware, it concentrated the aluminum by 833 times and increased the fluoride content by 100%.

India's responsible research on fluoride toxicity is a properly ethical, up-to-date scientific model, which contrasts strongly with irresponsible and authoritarian fluoridation policy in the West which is based on unethical, low scientific standards and high political opinion.

Our major policy decisions demonstrably hinge upon nothing more than emotionally-charged debate where an "expert" dentist endorses an "expert" doctor who refers to "thousands of fluoride studies" in a closed loop like a snake swallowing its own tail, meanwhile neither of them has done their real homework on the subject or they would find that the "thousands of studies" refuting harm FACTUALLY DO NOT EXIST. Robert Mick, DDS, was one of the original scientists who promoted fluoridation, until he did his own animal studies on sodium fluoride in the late 1940's and then abruptly changed his mind after authorities ordered him to cover up his test results.

However, even calcium fluoride causes adverse reactions in humans, depending upon how much fluorine is released. Due to the fact that millions of people in India are afflicted with fluorosis (excessive fluoride disease) such as malformed spine, neck and pelvis, weakened tooth structure and mottled or discolored teeth, there have been much more thorough scientific studies performed in India on fluoridated water, than in the West. The studies conclusively showed that high levels of fluoride in drinking water are clearly associated with birth defects, stillbirths, and early infant mortality. Susheela developed a blood test which enables early detection of fluoride toxicity before bone and teeth disorders became irreversible.In other words, fluorine - the same fluorine that is in our drinking water - is what gives sarin its "kick". No mention was made of the quantity of such chemicals that had been sold to Iraq before the ban.