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Captain Pratt made Santa Fe his official headquarters, but he and Dr. Johnson, and published it under the name of the Rio Avajo Press, in English. who afterward located in Tucson, Arizona, conducted a general merchandise store, which they established about 1867 and sold in 1869. In 1881 they located in the new town, where the Hotel Alvarado now stands. He afterward participated in the battles of Fredericksburg, Fitzhugh Crossing, Chancellorsville and Gettys- burg, where he was captured and taken to Libby prison. These lakes are now owned by the New Mexico Fuel & Iron Company, composed of the same capitalists who built the Santa Fe Central Railroad, whose purpose it is to build a branch line to the lakes and establish refineries there.

His wife was Teresa Armijo, a daughter of Ambrosio Armijo. Strachan maintained a post trader's store in Albuquerque. Ashe Upson, who came either in 1866 or 1867, purchased the Reviem of Hezekiah S. The firm had been established in West Las Animas, Colo. Major Whiting was born in Detroit, Michigan, December 2, 18^7. Whiting, held a commission as colonel in the Continental army during the Revolutionary war. In August, 1862, he was assigned as second lieutenant to the Twenty- fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, which subsequently joined the Army of the Potomac, which was brigaded with the "Iron Brigade" immediately after the battle of Antietam. Twelve miles east of Estancia are located the cele- brated Estancia salt lakes, which, from earliest history, have supplied the surrounding country, within a radius of one hundred miles, with salt of a very fine grade.

Continuing the history of Mora county, as created in i860, it is found that an act of 1868 relocated the boundary between that county and Taos, and that, in the following year, the northern part of Mora was set off to form Colfax county. The coal fields, mining districts, agricultural sections, stock ranges, scenic beauties, historic and prehistoric attractions reached via this line in New Mexico mean an ever-increasing traffic and revenue to the system which has done so much for the great "Sunshine'" Territorv.

The boundaries between these counties were modified by the legislatures of 18. It was an event of national importance when, on March 10.

Colfax and Mora thus occupied all the northeast corner of the Territory until 1893. The county of Santa Ana was abolished by legislative enactment of January, 1876, and the territory forming it was attached to Bernalillo county in January of the following year. 1881, all- rail connection across the continent, via New Mexico and Arizona, was established by the junction at Deming of the two divisions of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

As originally constituted in 1852 the county was bounded as follows : On the east and north by the boundaries of the county of Santa Fe; on the south, from a point above Vol. 1 524 HISTORY OF NEW MEXICO the last houses of Bernalillo, where the lands previously known as those belonging- to the Indians of Santa Ana are divided, drawing a direct line toward the east over the mountain until it reaches the parallel dividing the counties of San Miguel and Santa Fe ; from said dividing point of the lands of the Indians of Santa Ana, drawing a line westward, crossing the Rio del Norte and terminating with the boundaries of the Territory. Deming was also the point of junction of this road with the Santa Fe from the north, and the completion of these two roads placed New Mexico in communication bv the shortest routes with the Pacific coast, the Gulf and the northern cities.

So far as the books in the office of the probate clerk show, the following have served since 1863: Probate Clerks.— 1863-65, Jose M. Santa Fe and Espanola are the most important towns on this line, although it also carries freight and passenger traffic for the town of Taos, which is reached by stage, and other settlements in Taos and Rio Arriba counties. At the water level these ores gave way and were replaced by copper- bearing minerals.

General Rucker, whose daughter married General Phil Sheridan, was one of the chief quartermasters of the post in these days, and lived in the one-story adobe building adjoining the court house grounds on the west. In 1868 he located permanently in Albuquerque, where for about ten years he served as clerk of the district court. Two of these historic guns are now in possession of the Grand Army post of Albuquerque. The gathering was held at Grant's Opera House, July 28, 1884, and the first mayor of the town was elected in the following year. This line connects with the Atlantic & Pacific, a part of the Santa Fe system, at Rio Puerco, twenty miles west of Belen, on the Rio Grande, and with the Panhandle division of the same system, on the Pecos Valley line at Texico. The following were elected for 1905-6: County Commissioners, Valen- tin Candelaria (chairman), Santiago Madrid. — Estancia, the county seat, is a growing little town, located at the famous Estancia Springs, from which it takes its name, sixtv-eight miles south of Santa Fe. The New Mexico Fuel & Iron Company are owners of the town- site. James Walker's store, built of cement blocks in IQ05, was the first structure of the kind erected in the valley. located near the center of Torrance count}, at the junction of the Santa Fe Central and the Eastern Railway of New Mexico, better known as the Belen Cut-Off, while still in its infancy gives promise of becoming a prosperous town. It is at the base of the Manzano moun- tains, in the timber belt of pine and cedar, and is attracting the attention of tourists.

He was a native of Bingen-on-the- Rhine, Germany, and participated in the revolution of 1848, for which he was sentenced to be shot. Connelly represented his district in both the council and the house, and afterward became governor of the Territory. Johnson (also a settler of i860), one of the pioneer lawyers of Albuquerque, who. On the northwest boundary of the valley are located the famous Hagan coal fields, into which the Santa Fe Central Railway Company is now constructing a branch.

As constituted by the first legislature, the original Rio Arriba county comprised all the northwest corner of the Territory, and, as stated, in 1880 received the strip along the San Juan river. 900 HISTORY OF NEW MEXICO The Southern Pacific traverses about 170 miles in southern New Mexico, entering the Territory three miles west of El Paso, and running through Dona Ana, Luna and Grant counties, crossing the Arizona boundary near Stein's Pass.

It thus acquired an area of about 12,500 square miles, and included all the region north of the thirty- sixth parallel and west of Taos county. The principal towns on this road in New Mexico are Deming, where connection is made with the Santa Fe and the El Paso & Southwestern, and Lordsburg, where connection is.

A well known pioneer, active in both military and mercantile life was Major Melchior Werner, who came to Albuquerque in 1849 with Colonel, afterward General, Sumner. A missionary of the Methodist church named Reed was sent out by that denomination about 1857, ar d so * ar as can be ascertained, was the first person to hold Protestant evangelical services in this part of the Ter- ritory. He retained control of the Reiriew until its purchase by Hezekiah S. Elsewhere the valley produces the famous forage plant, known as gramma grass.

The presence of a United States army post at this point made it a desirable center for business operations and attracted many thither. Henrie, also a young attorney during his first residence in New Mexico, was a French- man, and continued to make Old Albuquerque his home from his settle- ment there in 1857 to the time of liis death, about 1890. "Uncle John" Hill, a deputy United States marshal for some time, was a clerk in his store and extremely popular among all classes. Grainer came out and established a weekly news- paper called the Review, probably the first journal in central New Mexico to be published in the English language. This part of the county contains a growth of chamisa, a small evergreen bush almost impervious to drouth, which affords rich pasturage throughout the year. Ba- rela : 1875, Atanacio Montoya ; 1878, Manuel Sanchez y Valencia ; 1879-84, Perfecto Armijo; 1885-6, Santiago Baca; 1887-92. Perea ; 1893-4, Jacobo Yrisarri ; 1895-6, Charles F. Hubbell, removed from office by Governor Otero, August 31, 1005. In 1856 he returned to this country with the Third Infantry, and after his discharge from the service engaged in merchandising in Santa Fe and Taos coun- ties, afterward returning to Albuquerque. Major Harry Rees Whiting has resided there since 1868. Mc Clure withdrew from the first named firm in 1878. Major Whiting's father, was a surgeon with General Scott's' forces in the Black Hawk war. Compared with other sections of the arid west, some of which are now supporting thickly populated communities, nature has been kind to the Estancia valley.

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