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Councilman Bond convened a series of meetings with the community that led to the introduction of the Turner Field Trust Fund, and the community was involved in the drafting of several rounds of amendments that led to the bill’s passage in Committee.Bond is today the *only* Councilmember to have stuck by the public and said that there ought not to be a time limit on public comment in Committees.Despite all the fearmongering about independent Norwood allegedly being a Republican in 2009, fueled by the tactics and playbook of then-Reed supporter State Sen. Reed was the big business, big developer Mayor that APN predicted. But if you look at the last eight years of Mayor Reed, a Democrat, and Fulton County Chairman John Eaves, a Democrat: the City drastically cut pensions; the City sold major real estate assets like City Hall East with little or no public benefits; the County privatized Grady Hospital.If this is what Democrats are doing, then what cause of fear is really left for us to have, as is relates to Republicans?relationships across the City, across racial and economic and party lines.She will bring a new day to City Hall that would mark the end of the same big business-big developer alliance that has coopted the last several Mayoral regimes.Mayoral candidate Mary Norwood (Post 2-at-large) has a score of 47.4. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) has a score of 100 percent on APN’s Georgia House and Senate Fulton and De Kalb delegation Scorecard.

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Fort would create and lead one of the most progressive administrations in the history of the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta Progressive News endorsed Mary Norwood in 2009 over then-former State Sen. In that race, we believed that Norwood was the more progressive candidate, and we were one of the only news publications to endorse Norwood.