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It’s only after we’ve developed a rapport, and the sound of bleating trucks has considerably weakened her resolve, that she allows occasional glimpses at what she calls her “soft heart [surrounded by] a steel exterior.” The most telling of these glimpses comes when I least expect it.

Near the end of our interview, Lathan is gushing about 1940s Hollywood, which produced dozens of female-driven vehicles, including the classics starring the likes of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Katharine Hepburn. “I’d love to see women carrying films like that, being vulnerable and strong.” It seems unlikely, but this is what attracted Lathan — after suffering through a mid-career string of wife and girlfriend roles — to The Perfect Guy, whose titular joke is that said guy, played by Michael Ealy, is not only imperfect but is also a murderous stalker.

This movie was originally titled 42.4 Percent, which came from a study published in Newsweek.

That number represents the percentage of educated black women who never marry.

Kenya is surprised to find herself torn between the two men, and finds she must choose whether to continue to follow the expected course or take the road less traveled if she hopes to create a long-lasting relationship.

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Or is it because, as an actress over the age of 40 (Lathan is 43), she’s reached her last fuckable day? “She’s never based her career on looks or being a star, but really going after good work,” explains Prince-Bythewood.

With Brian (Simon Baker), who couldn’t possibly be more the exact opposite of Kenya’s list, starting with the fact that he’s white and not an executive type but a landscape artist.

Kenya’s world is further shaken when she also meets Mark (Blair Underwood), a successful attorney who is the very embodiment of her IBM list.

It’s the film her fans rhapsodize about most, says Lathan, and, apparently, it still brings grown men to tears.

Pal and frequent collaborator Prince-Bythewood laughs when describing what it’s like to go out with Lathan in public: “I’ve been with her when a guy came up to her and started crying.

The film, she says, turns the crazy, scorned-ex-girlfriend trope on its head, and instead allows Ealy to slowly lose his shit onscreen while Lathan gets to play the sympathetic protagonist.