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A ship which show similarity with the Type I Cycladic design and with later types of hull design is one of the simbols of the still undeciphered disk from Phaistos dated 2000-1700 BC.This boat has a flat hull with raised, curving extremity to left, vertical post with slight projection at base to right.Bitte beachten Sie die abweichenden Bildrechte für manche der Abbildungen auf folgenden Seiten: Darüber hinaus werden auch Bilder von verwendet.Siehe auch: Die Nutzung von Bildern und Grafiken ist nicht gestattet.Locomotive force is provided by numerous short strokes understood, due to their great number, rather as paddles than as oars. One of the very early representation of boat in the Aegean area is a graffito from Thessaly dated around 4500-3300 BC.Based on the general shape of the hull this boat could be identify as a precursor of the Type IThis clay model from Palaikastro Crete dated around 3000 BC is also one of the early representation of Type I Aegean ship.

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This kind of ship distinguished by straight lines, angled ends, and a lofty prow seems to be a prototype for the later Greek warship and commercial ship.

Also in this case the general design of this ship shows both similarity and differencies with the contemporary Type I boats.

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The Aegean has since prehistoric times been a sea that has united rather than separated the large or small islands.The sixteen short vertical strokes above the sheer are best interpreted as paddles.