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But her presence is felt throughout the government, in both policy and personnel, and her fingerprints are everywhere. Clearly, she’s still involved, just not to the degree that she was earlier in the administration. When the Sacramento Bee asked the governor if his wife was in the running for the gig, he simply replied, “My wife is fully employed.” 3.Mc Fadden has been in and out of state and federal government over the years, and came to the Brown administration after a strategy stint as senior VP at PG&E. Department of Transportation in the Clinton Administration. While the governor’s veto or signature can often be difficult to predict, Gust Brown’s insight is always a part of his policy considerations. Mary Nichols Mary Nichols, California’s top air-quality enforcer and Gov.It’s been a bumpy road, and it may get bumpier: Anthem Blue Cross, the nation’s largest health insurer, said it was pulling out of most of the state’s individual markets.There have been double-digit rate increases two years in a row, and on top of that, Congress – again – is talking about rewriting all of federal health care law.Unions must run in Hunter’s blood — his great-grandfather helped to organize a union in 1906. Elaine Howle Elaine Howle, who has been the state’s chief auditor for 17 years, follows the money and this year she followed it straight to the University of California where she found numerous problems with the institution’s budgeting.Howle’s scathing April report – “scathing” is an understatement – was only the most visible of the audits her office does routinely, year in and year out, of state agencies.

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She reports to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which commissions audits, and has taken initiative to examine redistricting, the prison system, water project financing, the State Bar, technology contracts, state university oversight, and an array of other issues. A longtime CDP leader, he had previously served as Vice Chair from 2009-2017, and as chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party for the past 17 years.

Pepper’s album, which came out fifty years ago this summer.

Special kudos to Judd Hertzler, Capitol Weekly’s longtime graphic designer, who did all the hard work putting it together.

She later brought some former PG&E colleagues into the horseshoe, and they rose to major positions as well. Gray Davis, and before that she was deputy chief of staff to Al Gore. Her blend of policy and politics experience is pure gold in government, where every major decision is part politics, part policy and part communications spin. Anne Gust Brown It’s tricky to describe Anne Gust Brown’s official title. Gust Brown’s name was floated in the Capitol when Gov. Brown’s longtime environmental adviser, has overseen California’s cap-and-trade program since its beginning.

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As chair of the California Air Resources Board, she is a more than a state leader in the fight against air pollution: She is a national figure whose recognition has only increased since the recent battle in the Legislature over extending California’s cap-and-trade program – a battle that the Brown administration won after a no-holds-barred political fight.Indeed, she seems to be everywhere when negotiations reach critical mass, and nothing happens unless Mc Fadden signs off on it.

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