Spike tv dating

22-Jul-2017 11:35

""I'll be honest here," Applejack answered in her helium voice, "I can't decide between orange and red.""Lavender," Twilight stated with a twinge of annoyance."That's not really Photo Finish back there, is it? Bachelorette Number Two, what music do you like to listen to? "If any of you know me in real life, what is your attraction to me? You're generous, noble, hard-working and just plain adorable! "Sometimes I think I might be in love with ya."The other two mares had their mouths wide open. He could not believe that someone could be so attracted to him, possibly in love with him. I thought it was just a slight attraction, but it wouldn't go away. "Everyone looked out at the audience to see Fluttershy standing in a doorway."What's going on here? "They attempted to get out of their seats, only to discover that they were glued to them."Should I be offended by that? Spike read the first one aloud:"Bachelorette Number One, what is your favorite color? Here you go."He handed the dragon a stack of cards. I've had a crush on you for years, but I could never do anything about it because of," she darted her eyes at Rarity, "! " Rarity questioned, glancing around."Do you need to go, my dear?

She covered her mouth as she spoke in a high, helium voice."What happened to…? ""Sorry, we have to disguise your voices to hide your identities," Discord explained."Can some pony explain to me what's going on here?

""Since ya saved me from the Timberwolves," she sniffed."That long? " Twilight asked Discord."I just wanted to bug you," he chuckled.

I know you only like me as a friend.""But…" the dragon stammered.

She figured she might as well play along."I'd listen to any music good enough for studying, but I kind of like pop.""Studying? First I'd clean you up like Twi—Bachelorette Three here would do or at least throw your suit in the dumpster. ""Well, if you're offering…" Rarity swooned."I'd ask you to help," Twilight replied, "but I couldn't have you do it all by yourself. "Uh…you're really like a little brother to me.""Oh. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead, her face growing hot.

Bachelorette Number One, if I showed up on our date in a tux after falling into a pile of manure, would you laugh at me? "Well, I would be slightly disgusted, but I wouldn't laugh…""I'd give you a bath right away," Twilight interrupted. "Well, you'd probably be smelly, but I wouldn't laugh. I really don't mind the smell of manure.""Gee," Spike uttered. If you were pulling an anvil cart, and I happened to be walking by, would you ask me to pull it for you or would you pull it on your own? "Applejack sat paralyzed in her seat, and not because she was glued to the chair.

I…I kind of like you."Rarity and Twilight gasped in shock. His hope increased at the chance that it could be Rarity."Well, that was certainly an emotional speech," Discord declared.

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