Steps in validating a test

12-Dec-2017 13:58

steps in validating a test-26

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The virtual data of the tool provide complete, full size and real data sets in the few minutes that takes very few spaces. The tool improves the productivity by providing the automatic delivery and configuration of applications and databases.The tool works on a public and private cloud infrastructure means provides services and pay per usage of services.According to the need, we can access the data using on demand service of the tool.Download Link: CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)#3) Compuware’s Test Data Management Compuware’s Test data management is another popular testing tool that provides optimized test data management. The tool provides masking, translating, generating, aging, analysing, and validating of testing data.The tool can import test data from different type of data sources such as excel sheets, XML, log files etc.

All these features give a comprehensive testing solution and reduce the risk that can occur during testing or training process.

Automatic data masking protects the sensitive data without violating any security policy.

It also provides dynamic data stabilization that validates the test data according to the business rules.

Download Link: Compuware’s Test Data Management#4) Info Sphere Optim Test Data Management IBM Info Sphere Optim tool has built-in workflow and on demand service facilities.

This feature helps in continuous testing and agile software development.

The tool efficiently handles the different data output types and stores them in a single flat file or a database.