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Shower soon after being outdoors, which helps wash off unattached ticks and is a good opportunity to check for attached ticks.If bitten, immediately remove carefully with "fine-tipped tweezers" or "tick removal tool".The green hoses visible in one photo are attached to pumps -- it appears the intent is to keep the newly created streambed (passing next to the dam) dry until work is completed, by dumping the water back into Toms Run just below the work area.They are running dump trucks in and out of the area via the lower service road which has very large gravel added in places to support the equipment.Follow the fence lines to the other side of the fallen tree to see a man-made... It is a short column of concrete and stone which doesn't seem to serve a purpose, but I have a theory about what it could be.A 1945 photo shows a very large steel pole rising above the fence where the new fence joins the existing one.They are most active in the late spring to early fall.The tiny deer tick can transmit Lyme Disease and other illnesses, so you should try to avoid brushy areas or leaf litter where these ticks may be abundant.

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It also did not kill several other woody plants including bittersweet.Tools needed will include loppers, trimmers, saws and chainsaws. For any of you who would like to go up on your own the following areas need attention: Probably best to leave the sad remnants where they are (two still-standing "columns" and rubble on the ground) as a case study in the loss of another little piece of our shared local heritage.Frankly, I think we probably couldn't have done anything in recent years to save it -- the wall was leaning & bending outward so badly that even touching it might have provoked collapse.Spent a little over an hour at Camp Michaux this afternoon prompted by an email from Andre Weltman regarding heavy equipment at the entrance to the lower service road. It is currently focused on removing trees, I assume so they can get access to the concrete structures along Toms Run.

While I was there I walked the camp to examine the results of herbicide treatment over most of the area west of Michaux Road.See: CDC is not telling the correct story about Lyme Disease Two photos taken this morning are attached: work is in progress to remove the swimming holes concrete channels and bypass the lower dam.

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