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19-Jan-2018 06:01

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I'm super picky with porn tho - no looking in the camera shit that is staged , no hairy bushes , and don't like British porn if there's talking (just seems asks) No story line - plumber , mechanic or bulkshit like that or I skip straight through to the fucking lol Tbf rarely watch MF as it's a little dull and I kinda like to be shocked haha "Some ladies watch, some don't I get a little bored watching as it is so false and doesn't really do much for me, but making a personal video that can be watched back to remember a time together that's a different matter. If he is just a cock and pelvis I can't get into it Ideally I need to be seeing his face and ass.

Well it seems like a lot of women like watching porn.. Anything that's overly staged / noisy just bores me. Also i like when the man is vocal as well, which they tend to be in bdsm because if nothing else they are giving direction.

Perhaps the most important point I want to emphasise is that a reputable escort agency WILL NOT charge you a joining fee.

Instead, they will charge you a commission on any work they get you.

Escort photos and details will be publicly accessible without the need for a site login. A good agent will have a regular client base and a reputation to keep up.

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You will find various links to the agency website from a variety of well established UK punting directories often with reviews if the agency is well established. A good agency site will be created with the client in mind rather than the escort – that is, the site will place great emphasis on selling escort services and a little on recruitment.

The assumption that men enjoy porn is partly true,but I know lots of guys who don't like it or watch it for various reasons, just like women I guess. Especially when I know the Mr us having a bath or shower in prep. And I completely avoid anything daddy/aunty/family etc related. Like a few other people I don't like it when the woman is staring down the camera as it feels fake. no fake moaning and groaning and the annoying whiney 'oh my godddds' No sucking cock whilst actually pouting in a way to try to make their lips look sexy towards the camera either I could go on but getting the urge to go watch lol Mrs A does but like ex GF's ect she and none of them liked the fake stuff.

Are/were more turned on by the home made stuff where all gen and enjoying it possibly why mrs A likes the odd cam session too its got to be real.

Still turned me on though haha."I'm forever watching porn about 5 times a week if not more. Would they also say they were cheating if they watched a wedding on tv?!

I love dd/lg rough gangbang forced domination/sub any bdsm porn (mostly sm) are my favourite but I have watched everything ranging from "normal" to the down right disgusting. Would they also say they were cheating if they watched a wedding on tv?! Would they also say they were cheating if they watched a wedding on tv?! That's disgusting ""Some friends were discussing porn and they said if their partner was watching it they consider it cheating.

A common trick used by the dodgy agencies is to tell you that they have a job for you….their client is desperate to meet you…that you need to pay their joining fee first.

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