Teachers accomodating temperamental characteristics

03-Oct-2017 00:58

Imagine the cartoon character Linus (from the Peanuts comic strip); he would be a lamb.Lambs are generally quieter children, more accommodating and content with life. Then imagine Dennis the Menace; he would be a rooster.Often children born with a lamb temperament have the deep-seated desire to help others, whether they are animals or people.They have a natural degree of empathy from an early age and can sometimes become worried when things happen, even across the world.I presume their response was prompted in part my boyish enthusiasm and strong advocacy of CL during the workshop.I have been thinking about this question quite a bit lately and thought it might make a good discussion topic to start the Fall semester.If most nights you collapse on your couch from exhaustion because of the high energy levels of one of your children, you most likely have a rooster.Typical rooster characteristics: Roosters have a strong sense of their importance, a powerful character and can be highly spirited — not better or worse than being a lamb — just different.

My interest in asking the question is to see if have people a general feeling or view about the personalities or behaviors of CL practitioners.

This can causes problems when building friendships.

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