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The Scrin possess far larger military forces elsewhere. Although presumed to be carrying out multiple planetary-scale Tiberium mining operations across interstellar space. Even then, it is unknown if these are truly representative of their physiology; if it is a representation, more likely than not that the recovered transmissions are in some form of holographic detail, hence the glowing.

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With all four in his possession, he bridged aboard the Decepticon warship intending to present them to Megatron as a peace offering.

While sending the Omega Keys to Earth, Alpha Trion recorded a message urging Optimus Prime to locate the four keys and use them to revitalize Cybertron.

After receiving the message many years later, Optimus set about decoding the coordinates of the Omega Keys, and Arcee and Smokescreen were dispatched to Egypt to find the first of them.

When Megatron revealed his plan to use the Omega Lock to cyberform Earth as well as Cybertron, Optimus used the Star Saber to destroy both the lock and its keys.

In the closing years of the Great War, the Decepticons staged a daring raid against an orbital space station above their homeworld that was rumored to contain a powerful, dangerous energy source known as Dark Energon.Since the device would lead them to Omega Supreme, Megatron and two other Decepticons used a dropship to search Iacon, only for Omega Supreme to find them.